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Tips to Hire the Best App Developer

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app-developerDue to advancement in mobile application development Los Angeles, it’s very easy to find an app developer these days. Nevertheless, it’s tricky to find the best developer for your business.

This article highlights tips to find the best app developer.

  1. Don’t let the price quote drive you

When hiring an app development partner for your business, don’t let the price drive you. The cheapest product is not always the best. In the long run, the cheapest option may turn out to be expensive.

  1. The design should be a top priority

IPhone app developers Los Angeles, or any other city, should not just focus on how an app works. The looks are important too. A great design adds value to an app’s usability aspect, thus improving how users interact with it.

  1. Build a relationship with the developer

Mobile app development in Los Angeles, or any other place, isn’t a one-time thing. Based on user feedback, apps go through various cycles and evolutions. It’s therefore important to hire a developer who will stick with the product’s lifecycle, from start to finish.

  1. Access the developer’s portfolio

A great developer must have exceptional U/UX skills.

  1. Remember to check client references

Good app developers are those who allow you to access real feedback on their services.

To hire the best developer for your business, try to focus on the right aspects. Remember, your business can either succeed or fail, depending on the kind of work your app developer does.

Halcyon Innovation is an iPhone app development company, that also works on Android apps. Learn more at Halcyon Innovation’s website.

What You Get When You Invest in an Employee Time Clock

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By Allied Time

The next time you have some money in your budget to spend on improving your company, you’ll want to look into a timeclock for your organization. If you’re a bit underwhelmed by the idea, it’s not surprising. When it comes to getting more from you employees, there are countless options. People pay huge sums to have gurus come in and talk to their people. Others may actually physically alter their facilities—something that isn’t inexpensive either.AlliedTime3

So when you hear that buying timeclocks will produce serious results, it makes sense that you’d scoff at the idea.

However, the evidence is there. When people aren’t given parameters about what’s expected from them, it becomes too easy for even the hardest working and most honest of employees to start slipping. Even worse, when these employees are keeping themselves disciplined, they’ll often find that some of their coworkers aren’t. This is how discontent grows amongst your ranks.

Introduce clocks to monitor your staff and everyone wins. You’ll soon find that people are getting more done and feel happier during their work hours. There’s just no way you’ll find a more affordable way to get these kinds of results from your people. Plus, once you’ve made the investment, these results are yours forever.

At Allied Time, the bottom line is making more of your company’s most valuable asset. With employee time clocks, you can make sure that every dime you spend on your staff is well worth it.

Uses of the Time Clock System

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Written by Allied Time

The time machine has considerably evolved in the workplace. These clocks now serve for different purposes and are increasingly gaining popularity in organizations. Several years ago, the time clock was simply used to record attendance and working hours. The evolution of this system has brought considerable advantage in the workplace.

  1. Precise Time Tracking

Prior to time clocking systems, attendance records had to be kept independently. The employees had to present their own time sheets which had to be validated by the employer. Errors in estimates could easily have occurred in these situations. The timeclock prevents these errors.

  1. Tracking Working Hours

Some organizations pay overtime work or reward their employees for staying late to resolve issues. The time clock makes it easy to determine which employee remained in the office till late and which employee did not participate in the task.

  1. Multi-location clocking and Web and Phone-based systems

Some timeclocks can easily be networked with others located in remote places. Employees can also use their phone or laptops to connect to web or phone apps in order to enter their current locations and track their number of hours worked. This is particularly convenient for field employees.

  1. Enforce Company Policies

The time clock can be used to determine a certain behavior in employees who are recurrently late. It can also be used to determine whether employees are taking adequate lunch breaks after a given number of hours.

Allied Time is a company specializing in time and attendance systems since the 1960s.

Hiring a Contract Employee

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Written by: Allied Time

You can track the work load of contractors both on and offsite. A Web-based time clock can help you see what your online freelancers are doing with their time, and helps pay them according to what they have done for you. Those working in house should be trained on operating procedures, and management should regularly follow up with work that was done. These tips will help you hire and track contract employees, regardless of where their office might be.


The first step in the hiring process is to recognize when it’s worth it to interview a potential employee. Start by creating your ideal job description, which is like a set of details for the person you want to work with. Narrow down applicants based on how closely they meet your ideal criteria. It’s important not to disqualify too many candidates during this phase, as you might benefit from some on the job training if the candidate otherwise performs well. Once you’ve decided on who you want to interview, arrange a Skype call if you plan to hire remotely, or an in-person appearance if not. Have a set of questions that challenge the candidate to think on his or her feet.

Tracking Progress

Online time tracking is useful for candidates who work off site. It allows you to track their progress minute by minute, and pay them according to the time they devote to your projects. It’s also important to schedule regular status meetings, either over the phone or in person, so that you can determine what road blocks might be standing in the way of progress. Tracking progress also allows you to see what your employees can handle, and find areas for improvement. For instance, you may find that a certain contractor completes a specific task faster than others. Without tracking progress, you wouldn’t know to give that person assignments he is better at.

Chain of Command

When you have employees working offsite, especially those who use an online timesheet, it’s important to set up a chain of command. This helps handle disputes that arise during the work, like questions about hours or tasks. Designate a member of management responsible for handling all communications with your freelancers, and check up with this person regularly to make sure projects are getting completed on time and under budget.

Upgrade to Web-based Sweepstakes Games

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If you own a sweepstakes café business, it’s important to constantly update your products and services. Adding new products to your menu will not only attract new clientele but also satisfy your current customers. One of the most important upgrades you can make to your café is switching from computer games to web-based sweepstakes games. Why is it so important? The professionals at the consulting firm SweepsCoach have provided the following reasons you should switch to web-based sweepstakes games.

Cost Less to Install, Run, and Maintain

Upgrading your café shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. The good news is that web-based games are more affordable than traditional sweepstakes games. They are cheaper to install, run, and maintain. This means that you can update your business without going over your budget. It also means that you will save more money in the long run, because web-based games are also built better. You don’t have to worry about constantly spending time and money on fixing the games.

Convenient and Flexible  

Web-based sweepstakes games are convenient for the business owner and for the customer. First, when it comes to the business owner, web-based games are great because they can be used with standard sweepstakes totems, or internet sweepstakes machines where customers purchase time to play the games. They are also easy to maintain because they get automatically updated via the web.

When it comes to the customer, web-based games are wonderful because they can be played at home. Although this also benefits the business owner because it means more time on the games.

Increase Security for Your Terminal Servers

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By RDPSoft Company

Just about every company with a central database uses terminal servers these days. It’s a great way to get more from the software, hardware and general information you use. If your company isn’t utilizing a terminal server for these purposes, they certainly should.

But this solution isn’t without its risks. Each terminal server session potentially opens your company up to a lot of liabilities if you don’t have the necessary safeguards in place.

One would be login software that keeps a record of who is using your terminal server at any given time. Another option is using monitoring software that actually allows you a window in to what’s going on inside your server. This would also involve further records that would show who exactly made what changes.

It’s important to keep in mind that these measures are about more than just security. They also help you increase your levels of accountability so you can make sure everyone on your team is doing exactly what they’re supposed to. You’ll have a better method for helping everyone on your team improve.

Fortunately, companies like RDPSoft Company offer a number of options in terms of services and support so you can get what you need to increase the performance, efficiency and security of your terminal server software.

RDPSoft Company specializes in terminal server monitoring services to help your company get better results from their soft- and hardware. Among their offerings are remote desktop management software and a whole lot more.

How to Make the Most of Your Terminal Server

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Just about every large company these days with their own internal system uses terminal monitors to make the most out of it. How else can they possible optimize their large staff if they don’t allow as much access to them as possible?

Of course, every blessing comes with a price. When it comes to terminal servers, it means opening yourself up to a lot of liabilities by letting staff in who can make huge changes to your data.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mitigate these risks. A terminal server manager is essential for this reason. It allows those with access (IT and upper management) to keep a close eye on what’s going on with their servers at all times.

Many large companies these days also have WAH or remote employees. It’s a great way to keep staff who might otherwise need to move away and hiring the best people possible without being hampered by the challenge of proximity.

Here, too, though you might feel as though you’re opening yourself up to unnecessary liabilities. But as long as you utilize remote desktop management, then you can keep an eye on what your remote employees do with your terminal server.

Implementing and using a terminal server can have a lot of benefits, but it can also be a very scary thing for any company. Fortunately, the software exists to make all these things as safe as possible.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. The company specializes in all kinds of software solutions including those that allow you remote desktop report capabilities.

Debunking Web-Based Sweepstakes Software Myths

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It’s easy to be intimidated by the concept of Web-based sweepstakes software. It’s an unknown concept for many proprietors of Internet cafes, as the majority of businesses operate with a client-server model that houses the software that runs the sweepstakes games in-house. Having every aspect of the business within the confines of the cafe provides comfort for many Internet cafe franchise owners.

It’s little surprise that there are quite a few myths relating to Internet-based sweepstakes software models. SweepsCoach wants to help you separate the facts from fiction as it related to web-based models of business by debunking some of the most common myths:

Internet-based sweepstakes are illegal: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost every major retail brand runs sweepstakes in the United States that leverage the Internet. This often means entering a code from a label or soda cap into a website to see if you are a winner. A web-based sweepstakes model is based on the same principals.

You lose control of your system if it’s web-based: Having physical proximity to your server doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more control over it. Unless you are a network expert or you have someone on staff who is, chances are you’ll need to call in someone from the outside if you have problems with your client-based server. When your system is web-based, you can rely on the expertise of the server management team.

You don’t have access to as many games: The opposite is true — switching to a web-based model allows you to offer a wider variety of games to customers through your phone card sweepstakes machine. It’s incredibly easy to mix up the rotation of games offered to keep things fresh for your clientele, or to replace lower-performing games with new games that could bring greater revenue.

This article was written by SweepsCoach. They are experts at the Internet sweepstakes software. Visit their website to explore the different software options available to proprietors of Internet cafes who wish to allow their customers to play sweepstakes games.

Benefits of a Remote Desktop Reporter

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It can be very difficult to monitor the performance of a workforce team in an office organization. While indeed the employees log in for work, not all of them provide the same level of output throughout the day. Hence, if you are looking for a way to effectively measure the performance of your office team, then you may use monitoring remote desktop programs on your workforce network. With monitor remote desktop tools, attitudes and behaviors of the members of a workforce team can now be observed and evaluated in an objective manner.

There are many benefits of using a remote desktop monitoring program. Among many things, this program allows you to check on your employees’ activities while they are logged on to a computer network in the office. Through this measure you can see how they spend time at work, from that of completing job-related tasks to leisure activities such as chatting, playing games or opening social networks. Another essential benefit of this program that of promoting transparency: if you are a supervisor or manager, you may use this tool to check which of your employees are truly productive and as well those who are just idling at work. You can also keep track of performance statistics of your workforce and see whether they are hitting business and organizational metrics and KPIs.

Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. One of the industry leaders in remote desktop report solutions, RDPSoft has been instrumental in helping companies improve workforce performance through objective and metric-based monitoring.