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The Basic Components of Labeling an Oligo

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Summary: Here is a brief guide to the main components of the labeling process.

Labeling an oligonucleotide can be achieved through a radioactive approach, using chemiluminescent methods or by fluorescent label techniques. When you look in-depth into the labeling process, there are three main components that you should know: a space, a signalling moiety, and a reactive group.

A spacer is what separates the luminescent moiety from DNA within the molecules and also has the ability to draw a fine line between hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity. What it also does in terms of the label itself is that it can modify the flexibility and spacing of the label in regards to the DNA.

What is a signalling moiety? It’s either a molecule like a fluorophore, fluorescein or an enzyme. Each type caters to a different type of labeling technique. For instance, fluorescein is used via direct labeling and enzymes are used for indirect labeling. It’s important to note which molecule falls with their compatible labeling type.

The reactive group is what attaches the label itself to the oligonuclotide. One of the most important components of the entire process, it generates the means of conjunction.

Some common types of labeling reactions include: the reaction of an alkyne-modified oligonucleotide with an azide-modified label to end up creating a triazole linkage, and also the reaction of an azide-modified oligo with an alkyne-modified label to create, also, an azide-modified label.

When it comes to multiple labels, there is a process that utilizes dual-labeled probes. Also known as the hydrolysis probe, multiple dyes label the oligonucleotide and through hydrolysis, an increase in fluorescence is received.


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Technology Jobs Are the Future

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Have you thought about changing careers? If you’re like most people, the answer is a resounding “yes.” In fact, if you’re like the majority of people, you’ve probably thought about changing careers more than a few times. Perhaps you’ve even come close to doing so.

brand college 2The problem is that changing jobs requires a certain skill set and often a degree to prove you have it. You also need to find a career that will actually be around next year and the year after that. There’s no sense in changing jobs if you’re just going to have to do it again in the near future. That wouldn’t be a fair risk to take for your family either.

Fortunately, you can attend computer school in Los Angeles and promise yourself a future that will be both fun and profitable. Technology jobs aren’t going anywhere. This should be plain to see. Everywhere you go you’re surrounded by technology. Each and every one of us relies on it on a daily basis.

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Benefits of Computer Trainings

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Written by Brand College

Computer trainings come handy in almost all professions and at all stages of a career. Generally, employees are able to gain a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring IT skills, especially those relevant to their industries.

Improve Employability

If you are on the job market and looking for new opportunities, having an additional skill is always a plus on a resume. For instance, a student taking numerous computer courses throughout several years is likely to earn certifications in performing specialized functions within the IT field. However, even a beginner with basic IT proficiency would be able to gain a head start in job searches irrelevant of the field.


Companies tend to value training and learning initiatives on the part of their employees. An employee registering on a course to improve IT skills is seen as someone who is willing to put in effort in order to improve themselves. This trait is often rewarded through promotions and increased responsibilities involving teams or departments.

Increase in Salary

Promotions are often synonymous to an increase in salaries. However, in companies with grading policies, the promotion might come with added perks instead of a pay raise. Other non-monetary benefits might come in the form of a bigger office or an office vehicle.

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