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Debunking Web-Based Sweepstakes Software Myths

December 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

It’s easy to be intimidated by the concept of Web-based sweepstakes software. It’s an unknown concept for many proprietors of Internet cafes, as the majority of businesses operate with a client-server model that houses the software that runs the sweepstakes games in-house. Having every aspect of the business within the confines of the cafe provides comfort for many Internet cafe franchise owners.

It’s little surprise that there are quite a few myths relating to Internet-based sweepstakes software models. SweepsCoach wants to help you separate the facts from fiction as it related to web-based models of business by debunking some of the most common myths:

Internet-based sweepstakes are illegal: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Almost every major retail brand runs sweepstakes in the United States that leverage the Internet. This often means entering a code from a label or soda cap into a website to see if you are a winner. A web-based sweepstakes model is based on the same principals.

You lose control of your system if it’s web-based: Having physical proximity to your server doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more control over it. Unless you are a network expert or you have someone on staff who is, chances are you’ll need to call in someone from the outside if you have problems with your client-based server. When your system is web-based, you can rely on the expertise of the server management team.

You don’t have access to as many games: The opposite is true — switching to a web-based model allows you to offer a wider variety of games to customers through your phone card sweepstakes machine. It’s incredibly easy to mix up the rotation of games offered to keep things fresh for your clientele, or to replace lower-performing games with new games that could bring greater revenue.

This article was written by SweepsCoach. They are experts at the Internet sweepstakes software. Visit their website to explore the different software options available to proprietors of Internet cafes who wish to allow their customers to play sweepstakes games.

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