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How to Successfully Integrate a Video Wall into Your Organization

Summary: A video wall is a big investment, which is why you should make sure you do all you can to get the most out of it. Running a business is a challenge that requires much more than just having a good idea. How you run the company, how you market your product, and how your employees work are just a few of the many other factors you need to consider. Failure to address these other areas could make... [Read more]

Traveling with Technology Made Easy

Summary: Simple techniques can make traveling with your devices much easier and more streamlined. Whenever you travel you need to make sure you have your essentials on you. Clothes, shoes, and toiletries are all important things any traveler needs to take with them. Depending on your lifestyle, a good amount of what you do might require the use of devices. Traveling with your phone, tablet, laptop,... [Read more]

How Exercising Can Help Your Productivity

Summary: Taking care of your body by exercising can lead to significant boosts in your work productivity.   With the barrier for starting a business gets lower and lower, with the development of tools and resources that are easily available to people online, business owners need to be aware of how they can improve and continue to grow. Establishing and maintaining a competitive edge over your... [Read more]

Designing a Paging System for Your Business

A paging system can help your business relay information quickly, and can be utilized as part of a management strategy to direct employees. A well-designed system allows you to quickly reach employees and get them where they need to be. Here is some advice on how to design a paging system for your business. Basic Requirements First, you need to determine the basic telephone paging equipment you need... [Read more]

Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Custom Control Center Designer

Summary: If you want your IT team to be more efficient, you’ll want to ensure that you command center is designed appropriately. With so many organizations and businesses looking to remodel, upgrade, or build new command centers, standards are thrown out the window and even the laziest design seems feasible to many. If you’re one of the many businesses looking to establish a command center with... [Read more]

Basic network documentation

A common practice in the IT world is to build out infrastructure quickly. As soon as an issue arises, the tendency is to firefight and move on. The problem with that approach is that too many potential issues, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, fall through the cracks. The biggest issue is when you take this practice to the data center. As we migrate more and more of our infrastructure to a Los Angeles data... [Read more]

Why IT Support is So Crucial in Today’s SMBs

Summary: Hiring the right IT specialist can make a significant difference when it comes to efficiency. Deadlines can be life-or-death when it comes to a small business. If your client bails, you’re not only losing their trust, but you’re also losing money as well. If this sounds somewhat familiar, you might want to consider hiring a full-time on-side information technology support specialist.... [Read more]

Tips for successful data center migration

Modern network and telecommunication technology computer concept: server room in datacenter Written by Rack Alley The cloud offers unrivaled flexibility for IT operations. With the cloud, an organization can provision an unlimited amount of resources at a moment’s notice. Even then, companies still prefer to own and operate their IT systems. However, rather than own the entire stack, many are turning... [Read more]

Example uses of portable air conditioners

Written by Movincool There are cooling solutions for various scenarios. However, due to several factors, the popularity of portable cooling is growing. Here are a few scenarios where it is increasingly used: Data centers As data centers expand rapidly, the time and the work required to install dedicated large format air conditioners grows. The larger tech companies have mobile setup teams that move... [Read more]

Major steps to setting up an online store

Written by Secure Net Shop E-commerce is the number one trend in modern society. The drive to create an easy friction-less purchase experience is driving every retailer to create online stores. This is happening across the globe as smartphone and credit card saturation is driving consumers online. Setting up a new web site shopping cart is not hard. Here is a brief step by step guide: Plan Take a bit... [Read more]

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