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5 great laptops for work and play

Article provided by Curacao Are you looking for a laptop you can use for work and entertainment in equal measure? For travelers who take frequent business trips, it’s become a growing necessity to have a personal computer that is powerful enough to process work functions while also being able to play movies and entertainment during idle hours. Here are a few suggestions for laptops great for work... [Read more]

How EDI labels have helped international trade

International trade is one of the biggest influences on the world economy. It has given citizens of all nations access to the very best products and technology and has allowed businesses from all parts of the world to penetrate other countries’ markets with their goods and services. Despite this, there are challenges associated with international trade as a result of the diversity of cultures, languages,... [Read more]

Why there is a need to have vendor compliance?

Vendor compliance is typically the reliance of a company on their company for the provision of goods or services that ensures the smooth running of their business. It is therefore, essential to have a well-defined policy that will help to reduce costs of a warehouse, freight as well as delivery, while increasing the speed of customer service. Vendor compliance helps in the implementation of advanced... [Read more]

Differences between traditional Edi and internet Edi

With the introduction of latest technology, there is a need to better understand the systems and methods that are available for the fast and efficient transfer and storage of data between individuals, businesses and companies. In the beginning traditional Edi was only being used for the transfer of information. However, with the passage of time, internet Edi became an integral part of communication... [Read more]

Outsource and Focus on the Core

Article Written by: Herb Kimble These days, after pressing the customer service number’s digits into the keypad, hearing a clear voice transmitted to your ear from a domestic or international outsourced call center should not come as a surprise. Businesses, large and small, are taking the necessary measures to come out on top after all the numbers have been crunched. Outsourced call centers are a... [Read more]

Multiple uses for a VPS

Thanks to cloud hosting providers, you can sign up for a virtual private server for as little as 10 dollars a month. For the cost of as little as two cups of coffee a month, you can have your very own Linux server on the cloud, ready to work for you. The question is, what can you do with this computing power at your disposal? The answer? A lot. Here are a few examples. DNS A simple example we can use... [Read more]

How to Setup a Wireless Network for your Business

How to Setup a Wireless Network for your Business

Having a wireless network available for your customers can give you an edge over other competitors, particularly during peak hours. Wireless networking can seem complicated however. What do you need? What do you do with it? This article will simplify the steps so that even the least tech-savvy business owner can modernize their business place. Purchasing a Wireless Router If you want to install a wireless... [Read more]

Ground Power Units

Airplanes are grounded for minutes, sometimes hours at a time. The planes are shut off during this time to allow crews to perform diagnostics, and for the admission of passengers. As you sit down on the plane, you’ll notice lights come on and various mechanical noises come from the cabin. This is the normal sound of the airplane receiving a jumpstart and whirring to life. A ground power unit is needed... [Read more]

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks

Along with the advance of technology and a more sophisticated Internet also comes new and creative ways for Internet fraudsters to refine their methods of “phishing” for personal information. What is Phishing? “Phishing” refers to methods used by scam artists to acquire sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card information, personal banking information, usernames, and... [Read more]

Local Search Marketing Tips

Article by : Pierre Zarokian Your California Internet marketing needs to be local in order to eventually expand into the global market. Here are some of the local search marketing tips that you can use today to get your online marketing life in order. -Make Sure that Your NAP is in Order. NAP stands for “name, address and phone number.” NAP is synecdoche for similarity across all of your... [Read more]

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