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Why 4G Technology Isn’t Just for Phones in Rural America

December 2, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

4G technology is synonymous with phone service. Almost all major cell phone providers have relied on 4G technology to establish reliable cellular networks for nationwide service. In rural America, where there is a lack of adequate infrastructure for broadband Internet access, 4G technology has also helped bridge the gap between rural and urban households when it comes to Internet access. Today, companies like UbiFi are providing high-speed unlimited 4G rural Internet access to towns all over rural America.

Rural regions have needed to adapt when it comes to providing Internet for rural areas that can compete with the best Internet providers in urban and suburban regions. Many rural households have taken advantage of their existing infrastructure by relying on outdated methods such as dial-up and DSL. In light of the inferior Internet service many rural citizens experience, companies like UbiFi have taken advantage of the cell towers placed abundantly throughout rural areas to create a formidable alternative to inferior rural Internet service providers.

Cell towers are much closer to the ground than satellites in orbit, so Internet signals naturally reach households quicker than signals from outer space. Since 4G mobile Internet uses cell towers, it has significantly lower latency than some of the best satellite Internet service providers. This makes it one of the best choices for rural gaming, work meetings, and other events that can be disrupted by the lag caused by high latency. Furthermore, companies like UbiFi offer high-speed Internet service with no data caps or expensive overage fees. For this reason, rural residents don’t have to settle for lesser Internet options or use their 4G coverage solely for their cell phones.

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