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How Latency Affects Internet Access in Rural Areas

November 2, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

Internet users in rural America usually have a more limited set of options for high-speed Internet. While dial-up is still available in rural areas, its slow speeds and outdated setup make it far from the best option if your priority is finding high-speed Internet for rural areas. Satellite Internet and mobile Internet are usually in contention for the title of best rural Internet service provider when it comes to high-speed options. Mobile and satellite Internet speeds are usually similar, but one crucial difference sets them apart: latency.

While unlimited satellite Internet comes with its own set of advantages, its biggest weakness is its high levels of latency. While latency can be affected by a set of factors such as hardware and website content, distance is one of the factors that affect latency the most. The farther an Internet signal has to travel to reach your receiver, the more latency you will experience while using the Internet at home. Because satellite Internet providers use satellites in orbit to transmit Internet signals, their Internet service naturally carries higher levels of latency than the other options available for rural customers.

In contrast, mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi use mobile towers that are strewn throughout all of America, including the rural areas. Because these towers are closer to rural homes, UbiFi and other 4G Internet companies can offer Internet service with little latency. This makes mobile Internet ideal for activities that require low levels of latency, such as playing online multiplayer games or participating in Zoom meetings. Furthermore, some UbiFi products also allow users to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service, which makes it easier and more seamless for game consoles to connect to mobile Internet with no issues.

zhang xinyue

How to Build a Great B2B Platform

March 12, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

For years, consumers have enjoyed online shopping and today, most people say they love making purchases online. This is due in part to how hard B2C commerce has struggled to perfect the whole customer shopping and buying experience. They’ve been successful because the latest reports show that 89 percent of Americans now shop online—and they love it! Online sales are a great place to create abundance in your business.

What we don’t hear much about is the B2B shopping experience. B2B commerce is an important segment of industry where billions of dollars change hands all over the world. But how well have B2B sites done when it comes to the customer buying experience? After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling to Microsoft, on the other end of the transaction there’s a real live human being making the final decision about the purchase.

With that in mind, can we take some of the valuable things we’ve learned about B2C commerce and apply them in the B2B venue? Or is there just too much difference in the two platforms? Many experts believe we can extrapolate much of what we’ve learned in B2C commerce and apply that to B2B sites without too much adaptation.

While each one has its pros and cons, selecting the right platform for your business may come down to specifics like:

What size business?

What industry?

Is there an inventory?

Will you be shipping internationally?

Your budget

How important is Self-Service?

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