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The Benefits Of A Good Website Hosting Service

November 10, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

The network environment known as web hosting is where website files and data are kept in order to be accessible online. That is, visitors from the domain registration are permitted to find a file when it is made available on a server.

The hosting role involves keeping a website active and performing well. The following are the key elements to know:

is crucial because the computer sector is constantly updating, and many internet business owners may not be familiar with dealing with faults and the like.

refers to the period of time when the website is active. Some businesses boast 99.9% uptime, which is crucial if you want users to be able to access your material and for you to avoid giving them cause for complaint.

is what everyone searches for, including Google. Selecting a safe service with an SSL security certificate is crucial.

How Can Good Hosting Services Benefit You?

Here are a few of the main advantages of using a quality web hosting provider such as Electric Kitten, who provides colocation hosting in Los Angeles.

Faster Response Time

According to Google, one of the elements that most affects a site’s positioning is its speed. People today make judgments very rapidly, and as a result, they need prompt responses.

Speed ​​For E-commerce

With hosting, you may streamline your blog or e-commerce operations, resulting in a faster website with improved performance, less time spent on administrative tasks, lower costs, and ultimately larger profit margins.

Great Technical Support

If you own a website where you sell goods or services, you are well aware of how crucial customer assistance is. Your hosting company will act as an extension of your technical team if you don’t have the necessary technological expertise on staff.

web hosting

How should you choose keywords?

January 5, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

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When you read online blog success stories, many say that they never did any keyword research during the early days of their blog. However, look closely at those early articles and you will find that often, those pages do include keywords, it’s just been a natural part of the bloggers writing. Proper keyword selection is important and can make the difference between ranking on the first page and languishing down in page 100.

Keyword selection is important for one primary reason: it tells everyone, user, or search engine, that this is what you think your page is about. Choose the wrong keywords and you send the wrong message. Search engines will have lower scores for your page, ranking it against the keywords you did use. Don’t make that mistake. Do some basic keyword research.

The most important things to look for in keywords are monthly traffic volume and competitiveness. Without volume you could rank first for a phrase that has a monthly volume of two people. Alternatively, you might end up targeting a high-volume keyword that puts you up against a million other, bigger, older sites. Also, choose keywords that represent the intent of your visitors, this way you align your content with their needs.

It is clear now that keywords are important and content writing without keyword research or with the wrong keywords is going to cost you in the long run. Put together a keyword research plan and use that to target and grow your sites audience.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to find a reliable web host that can make sure you have as much uptime as you need to make an impression on all potential customers. If you’re looking for a webhosting Los Angeles provider, be sure to visit Electric Kitten, a trusted web hosting company that has served Southern California for almost two decades.