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What is colocation?

August 10, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

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Colocation services offer everything you need to host your own physical servers in a safe, secure, and managed environment. You get access to a building, cooling, electricity, bandwidth, and layered security and all you must do is provide the hardware you need hosted.

There are several advantages to this approach, with the primary that you get access to levels of service, capacity, and reliability that would otherwise be out of reach or not economical for your scale. For example, you will get access to extremely fast internet links and as much bandwidth you need when you need it. Also, even the electric supply will have multiple redundancies both internally, and externally.

You also get the associated cost savings of only paying for the space and the services you need. You no longer need to maintain an in-house data center and all the maintenance activities, contracts, staff, and headaches that come along with it. The days of needing your own data center are over. Even if you require confidential or secure access to your servers, most colocation facilities will have secure isles that you can rent exclusively.

A lot of firms are moving to the cloud or renting servers themselves, but if you have a fleet of servers, require special hardware, or require the kind of security that cloud providers do not have, then colocation is the way forward.

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