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Simplify the Dentist Office by Taking Payments Online

July 1, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Learn how dentals offices can embrace new technology for payment processing.

medical-accepting-online-paymentsHealthcare is finally moving into the future, and online payments are an important component of that move forward. Customers will soon expect their doctor or dentist to accept payments online, and we may be heading toward a trend where healthcare pricing is easier to come by. For the average consumer, that’s a huge plus. If you’re looking to boost your client retention in the dentistry field, you might think about allowing credit transactions online.

What You Need

You’ll need to get an account at one of the many credit card processing companies that exist on the Web. If you want to save money, and have some flexibility, avoid working directly with big banks and opt for independent companies. They often offer lower rates than banks, and offer more flexibility in payment terms.

You’ll also need a website, which will complement whatever you do in the office. Your payment processor should come with a credit card machine, and you’ll most likely have some integration work to do on the site itself. Any developer can do that for you, as well as someone with a decent grasp on coding.

Why it Works

One of the biggest problems in healthcare is trying to get a price for any work to be done. Taking payments online, even if it’s for common procedures, will help address that problem. Patients will learn that a simple cleaning or a cavity fill has a standard price. They may also love your pricing model so much they recommend it to friends.

Just price what you can and experiment to see what patients respond to. Most of the time, the website is an added bonus to your existing payment processing plan. Payment Solutions, Inc. is the most efficient and affordable method to accept payments online.

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