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Designing a Paging System for Your Business

December 6, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

A paging system can help your business relay information quickly, and can be utilized as part of a management strategy to direct employees. A well-designed system allows you to quickly reach employees and get them where they need to be. Here is some advice on how to design a paging system for your business.

Basic Requirements

First, you need to determine the basic telephone paging equipment you need to start your system. The first route is cost efficient, and it involves an audio line level signal. Essentially, employees will utilize a code over the phone (typically a star code) to make a universal announcement. To end the announcement, simply hang up the device.

An extension interface, a device that is plugged directly into the phone extension, offers some slightly different functionality. Everyone can call a universal number that is designated for paging. Every page is handled centrally in this method, and it allows for some benefits not found in the cost-efficient method.

Announcements can be made by anyone with access to the number, even if that person is offsite. This is important, as an executive may need to speak with someone who is onsite in order to get critical information. Commands can also direct announcements to different zones.

Final Thoughts

When designing a paging system for businesses, it’s important that announcements get to the people in need of hearing them. For smaller companies, a cost-efficient system can provide quick access to employees. Larger and mid-sized companies need to consider where and how they want to distribute information to employees.

Article written by CAM Electronics. CAM Electronics is a KDI Distributing company specializing in AV equipment for professional use.

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