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Choosing an air conditioner for small spaces

July 18, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

1When choosing an air conditioner, especially for a smaller space, it is important to consider all the options and what will best fit your needs. Since this is about a smaller space, using large or split type air conditioning units can be ruled out. This leaves two options: window units and portable air conditioners. Here we look at the main advantages and disadvantages between the two types:

Portable units

The obvious advantage here is portability. You can essentially place it wherever you want in a room as long as there is a power outlet. Some of them come with casters to easily roll around from room to room. In smaller spaces, where natural light is important, losing window space for an air conditioner can mean a lot less light. This is yet another advantage of portable units over windowed.

Window units

These units are heavier, cannot be moved easily and take up a lot of window space. However, when floor space is a at a premium, a window unit is perfect. The unit is placed entirely outside and takes no additional space. Then there is also the question of cooling.  Window units are more power efficient than portable units, cooling better for less electricity. When it comes to noise levels, window units and portable have roughly the same though in the case of window units, the noise will be mostly outside.


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