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Better Cooling For Your Computer Room

April 28, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 


Your computer room is a place that always seems cool and cold. In your office, this is probably the one place you want to stay in all day and just sleep, especially during the summer. Do you ever wonder why though?

Computers need to be cool

Computers normally run hot. This is common knowledge but did you know that temperatures can run near boiling point if you leave a computer on for an extended period of time, while it’s doing processor intensive work, or during really hot seasons. It gets even worse when you combine all three of those. That is why computer rooms need that cold air conditioner to keep things cool.

Better cooling

The normal stationary air conditioner is not enough, though. A stationary air conditioner will create hot and cold spots in the room since air will only flow in one path. Using a portable room air conditioner can prevent these hot and cold spots from forming so you have a room with a nice and even cool. You can also take advantage of the portability by directing it straight at your computer. A portable room air conditioner will also prevent the rest of room from becoming too cold for people to effectively work in while still keeping the computers cool. It is also advisable to get a portable dehumidifier to help keep the room cool with less effort from the AC unit. Also, a dehumidifier can help keep your computers from breaking due to excess moisture in the air.


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