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How Colocation and Dedicated Servers Can Boost Server Performance

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Colocation and dedicated servers are ideal alternatives to shared hosting because they both allow users to have servers all to themselves. Shared hosting is inferior because it forces users to share server space. Eventually, you’ll run out of bandwidth and other server resources, resulting in decreased loading speed and uptime.

Colocation and dedicated servers also have their own pros and cons, so you’ll have to consider which option will be more efficient for your business. If your website requires customized server software and hardware to reach its full potential, you might benefit more from colocation. In colocation, the client owns and is responsible for all their software and hardware, so you can do with your server as you please. However, if you’d rather leave server maintenance to someone else, dedicated servers may be more suited to your needs. You won’t have any control over your hardware or software, but you can still scale your servers according to your company’s growth.

In the end, both are valid options for ensuring your servers reach as many potential customers as you can. They may be pricier than traditional web hosting options, but if your company can afford them, they might be worthwhile investments in the long run.

If you need an LA colocation or dedicated server provider you can trust, contact Electric Kitten today. They’ve provided reliable web hosting services for almost two decades. If you are located in the Southern California area, give them a call at 877-821-HOST or email them at

5 great laptops for work and play

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Are you looking for a laptop you can use for work and entertainment in equal measure? For travelers who take frequent business trips, it’s become a growing necessity to have a personal computer that is powerful enough to process work functions while also being able to play movies and entertainment during idle hours. Here are a few suggestions for laptops great for work and play.

13.3” Apple MacBook Pro


Apple’s MacBooks have a reputation for being high-quality all-purpose laptops. This model comes with Apple’s Magic Keyboard for easier, more accurate typing and True Tone Technology for clearer visual displays while working or just surfing the web.

MSI MODERN15085 Gaming Laptop

This may be a gaming laptop, but don’t be fooled. The same technology that allows it to display clear, detailed graphics makes it ideal for video/photo editing or graphic design. For users in visual design professions who love playing a good game in their spare time, this is a perfect choice.

Microsoft Surface Book 2


This innovative device can be converted to tablet mode for touch screen functionality, studio mode for use with a stylus, or view mode for presentations. Studio mode provides impressive control and sensitivity for drawing and sketching on the device’s screen. The Surface Book is another great laptop for workers in design professions.

Acer Spin 1


The Acer Spin 1 is another laptop that converts into a tablet with a variety of work and entertainment-friendly features. It comes with a built-in collection of helpful apps including Microsoft Office and Evernote, while its HD display lets you watching high-definition videos whenever you feel like it.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

The Lenovo ThinkPad is known for being designed and built specifically for business. Its durability, storage, and processing power will help you complete your work tasks, while its HD display, HDMI connectivity, and Dolby Home Theater sound are perfect for playing your favorite movies anytime and anywhere.

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How EDI labels have helped international trade

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International trade is one of the biggest influences on the world economy. It has given citizens of all nations access to the very best products and technology and has allowed businesses from all parts of the world to penetrate other countries’ markets with their goods and services. Despite this, there are challenges associated with international trade as a result of the diversity of cultures, languages, and economic statuses seen in the different countries of the world.

To facilitate smooth business between companies in two different nations, there needs to be a solution that allows easy communication regardless of language, currency, and system of measurement. Fortunately, EDI has provided that solution for retailers worldwide. Through electronic data interchange, information is electronically converted into a form both trade partners can understand and look at through their information systems.

UCC128 labels, also known as GS1-128 labels, can be added to products as a way to easily transmit their transaction information, such as contents, manufacturer, style, weight, and destination. Since GS1-128 standards are uniform across the globe, it is much easier to be on the same page as your global trade partners. And because of the other benefits of EDI, you’ll also save time and money by ensuring accuracy and timely, efficient transfer of goods.


Why there is a need to have vendor compliance?

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Vendor compliance is typically the reliance of a company on their company for the provision of goods or services that ensures the smooth running of their business. It is therefore, essential to have a well-defined policy that will help to reduce costs of a warehouse, freight as well as delivery, while increasing the speed of customer service.

Vendor compliance helps in the implementation of advanced supply chain systems, just in-time inventory, RFID systems, source marketing and ticketing, and ASNs. Moreover, an effective vendor compliance program will reduce the time spent on vendor chargebacks, claims, and disputes, thus leading to a better managed vendor relationship. It will also ensure that all processes go smoothly between the order and the payment, while helping to resolve issues effectively and promptly if they arise.

In case there is no vendor compliance, then the company will find it really hard to deal with issues such as price increase, a late delivery, or a dissatisfactory product. Therefore, a fully developed vendor compliance policy is vital as it can help your company avoid problems such as improper PO numbers, wrong products sent, and product substitution without approval, incorrect labels, improperly packaged merchandise, mixed POs, mixed SKUs, incomplete bill of landing, late deliveries, damage, nonstandard pallets, etc.


Differences between traditional Edi and internet Edi

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With the introduction of latest technology, there is a need to better understand the systems and methods that are available for the fast and efficient transfer and storage of data between individuals, businesses and companies. In the beginning traditional Edi was only being used for the transfer of information. However, with the passage of time, internet Edi became an integral part of communication between different businesses and companies.

According to experts, following are the major differences between a traditional EDI and an internet EDI.

As far as the communication protocols are concerned, a traditional Edi requires a proprietary communication protocol, while internet Edi requires a standardized protocol TCP/IP. Traditional Edi provides rigidity to the business as it is limited to only the coverage area of VAN providers. Internet Edi, on the other hand, help to improve the agility of any business. Moreover, they are highly flexible and easily accessible, with a wide area network that is independent of any VAN providers.

A traditional Edi requires a high deployment and operation cost as well as high configuration expenses. Internet Edi has the additional benefit of lower deployment and operation costs as well as low configuration expenses.

Traditional Edi improves operational efficiency by providing access to data only in batched mode. This provides higher transactional security. While the internet Edi improves the inter-organizational co-operative relationship by providing timely access to the data. This results in lower transaction security.

Outsource and Focus on the Core

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Article Written by: Herb Kimble

These days, after pressing the customer service number’s digits into the keypad, hearing a clear voice transmitted to your ear from a domestic or international outsourced call center should not come as a surprise. Businesses, large and small, are taking the necessary measures to come out on top after all the numbers have been crunched. Outsourced call centers are a known way to reduce the operating costs of running a business. So the theory goes, outsourcing makes it possible for a business to concentrate on its core endeavors and thereby more efficiently manage its expenses.

Dentists make a good example of such a business. They operate solo, meaning they don’t work like most doctors do, in a hospital bustling with hundreds of patients, staff, and other doctors. But dentists still require staff support to make patient appointments and carry out dentistry procedures. Author June Thomas, providing some insight into the thoughts likely to cross the mind of more than one American dentist when pondering about help desk services, among other things, provides as prologue the following two tidbits: (1) approximately “80 percent and 85 percent of American dentists practice as owner-operators” and (2) dentists’ income is “typically the difference between the fees receive[d]” and the “expenditures…lay[ed] out, which are considerable.”

Some businesses might aim to become as focused as a dentist’s office while others plan for diversification but remain focused at the start. A small business answering service can be a great boon to firms that are just starting out or those that, getting more business requests than their current staff can manage, need some extra bodies on hand to get by as adjustments are made for the welcomed sustained growth. Having a call center’s assistance might also bridge the difference when there is a lag in how many customers are being tapped.

Outsourcing services can range from a single telephone answering service to more complex offerings that include software programmers and developers. Online tutorials and demonstrations are available to help you decide which service might be best for your needs. Finding the right company to provide this service to you can make a big difference to your bottom line. Also, an excellent service can help you make headway in the enhancement of your image among clients.

Herb Kimble is a sales and marketing professional with decades of experience growing and founding firms that achieved unprecedented success. Today, Herb Kimble is based out of Los Angeles and co-founded CineFocus Productions, a movie production and soundstage rental company.

Ground Power Units

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Airplanes are grounded for minutes, sometimes hours at a time. The planes are shut off during this time to allow crews to perform diagnostics, and for the admission of passengers. As you sit down on the plane, you’ll notice lights come on and various mechanical noises come from the cabin. This is the normal sound of the airplane receiving a jumpstart and whirring to life. A ground power unit is needed to complete this procedure, giving the engines the spark they need to jolt to life.

Turbine Systems

Jet engines run on a system of turbines, where air is forced through to create spinning. The force of the air creates the spin, so much power is needed to lift the jet off the ground. The engines will provide this power, but they need the initial jump to begin spinning and forcing air through. That’s where turbine starting units come into play.

These units are typically portable, mounted to trailers and dragged across the tarmac. They may be mounted to the ground as well. They have a connector that fits into any standard plane, so one power unit can typically service an entire fleet of planes just based on connection type. However, these units have charges and fuel levels of their own. It’s not uncommon to find several hundred of these units in a major commercial airport for efficiency’s sake.

Power in Airplanes

Cars run on batteries, and they are charged as you drive. The battery holds enough of a charge to turn the engine over, then your car does the rest of the charging itself as you move. Planes don’t work like that.

Planes use an auxiliary power unit to power the rest of their system, so you can think of jumpstarting a plan as something you do in phases. The first step is hooking the APU up to the ground unit, then the APU is fired up. That energy is then used to power the remaining flight systems and get the plane ready for take off. An APU is like turning the key halfway on a car. The plan can perform most of its cabin functions, like AC or lighting, but doesn’t have the juice to take off.

Final Thoughts

An airplane starting unit has to meet specific criteria before it can be used on a commercial aircraft. New guidelines demand charging units that have a starting range of up to 43,000 feet, which is related to the altitude where a plane might receive a jump.

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Why Server Virtualization is not for Every Business

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Server virtualization has a lot of potential benefits, but of course, there are a lot of things that potential users need to watch out for, as well. No technology is perfect, and there are challenges associated with server virtualization as well as some great opportunities.

High Software Costs

One of the biggest costs associated with server virtualization is the cost of the software licenses. Server virtualization allows you to host a number of different servers on the same piece of hardware, but each of those server installations requires its own individual software license. You can mitigate those costs by using open source software, but you will need to make sure you have people on staff that can support those open source systems. If you choose proprietary software instead, you could run into some high license fees and other issues.

Planning Costs

One of the biggest advantages of server virtualization is that it allows you reduce the number of physical servers you have at your facility. But in order to make the most of your server virtualization program you must plan your server room properly. You can certainly save money by using virtualized servers instead of physical ones, although you will need to keep in mind that to achieve the best results, you’ll also have to reduce the costs associated with maintenance and support. That means a lot of strategic planning, and a great deal of upfront cost, to achieve those long term cost savings.

Training Costs

If your IT staff is used to working with physical servers hosting a single application, they might not be prepared to support your newly virtualized environment without the right training. Server virtualization has its own unique challenges, and your IT staff will need training in order to meet those challenges and support the environment effectively. It is important to factor these up front training costs into your budget before you start your server virtualization.

Management Concerns

Server virtualization does reduce your management and support costs, but simply making your servers virtual does not mean you can kiss those costs goodbye. Many businesses mistakenly think that server virtualization means they will no longer need to manage their servers, but this is simply not the case.

Legacy Support Issues

A lot of legacy systems do not play well with new technologies, so you’ll have to make sure you have everything planned out in those cases and test your systems before actual deployment. Many legacy systems, for example, expect that each physical server will have its own IP address, and they might not work properly when multiple server instances with different IPs exist on the same physical box.

Hardware Investment

The number of virtual servers you can host on a single box will depend in large part on the quality of the hardware you are using. If your servers are more than a few years old, they might not have the power they need to host more than one server application. In order to make virtualization work, chances are you will have to make at least a few new hardware purchases. Factoring those up front hardware costs into your budget is important, and it will make the server virtualization process go a lot more smoothly.

While server virtualization certainly has its advantages, there are a lot of drawbacks to it, as well. It is definitely a good way to invest in the future, but if you don’t have the money and time to invest, it may be wise to choose another way of dealing with increased server loads.


Why You need Portable Power

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Have you ever had a bad dream that involved a blackout? Are you the owner of a business who has worried about what would happen to revenues if the power all of a sudden went out? Perhaps, as a homeowner, you’ve seen news stories that reminded you of how bad things can be when you don’t have the power supply you take for granted, but no less rely on.

Fortunately, there are a number of options that can help you sleep well at night. Something like a 28 volt battery pack is a good example of this. A pack like this is highly portable and is full of the electricity you need for charging plenty of large pieces of equipment.

However, a portable GPU is an even better option still. You can get all sorts of power from these products and they’ll ensure everything from the lights to an airplane battery can get going when you think all hope is loss. Many use them on a daily basis to get the power they need, no matter what the status of their normal electricity is.

So no matter what your needs may be, portable power can do it all and more.

Portable power units are absolutely critical for many business solutions, but they can also be a real luxury for other purposes too.

How to Successfully Integrate a Video Wall into Your Organization

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Summary: A video wall is a big investment, which is why you should make sure you do all you can to get the most out of it.

Running a business is a challenge that requires much more than just having a good idea. How you run the company, how you market your product, and how your employees work are just a few of the many other factors you need to consider. Failure to address these other areas could make it very difficult to get your business up and running.

One of the biggest obstacles businessowners need to face is how to handle the other businesses operating in the market. Competition in any free market can get fierce. Since the time used to create a product that is ready to be sold dictates how many units can be offered up, efficiency is key. Operations centers are modern systems that can streamline a lot of operations your organization may have. One of the features you can have installed into your organization’s workplace is a video wall. These are very expensive but, if used properly, have the ability to drastically improve day-to-day operations.

Have a Clear Purpose

As with any big purchase, it is wise to know what it will be used for. Having network operations center video wall in your organization will be expensive and it will take up a good amount of space. Before making the purchase you and your coworkers should first discuss how best to incorporate it. Who will benefit from this? What sort of information is relevant to them and how best can that information be displayed? Who will operate it? These are all questions that should be addressed to gain a better understanding of how the purchase will impact your organization.

As you think about how the video wall will be added to the organization you might come to the conclusion that you might need to hire new people or shift some people’s roles. You will likely have to train employees to get them familiar with the technology and how they can take advantage of its capabilities.

Making Space

As was previously mentioned, a video wall will understandably take up a large amount of physical space. You will to find a large room with a layout that would support easy viewing.

A video wall should be able to pull data from a number of sources. You might need to convert databases to be able to integrate with the wall and send data to it. Additionally, you will likely want to be able to pull data from external sources. Having a reliable way for employees to access the data that is displayed on the wall can further increase workflow productivity.

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