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The Incredible Properties of DLC

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Summary: Depending on how it is produced, diamond like carbon can take on many properties.

Diamond-like carbon, or DLC, doesn’t refer to any one substance. Instead, the term refers to a range of amorphous, hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated films, which are prepared at varying temperatures. It significantly increases the durability of whatever it’s placed onto, which is why tools like saw blades have used DLC to improve the longevity of the blade.

The properties of DLC can change depending on how it is manufactured.

Primarily, DLC is used for one of three outcomes: hardness, durability or slickness. The outcome depends on which of the 7 forms of DLC are produced, but can also be influenced by materials used. Some materials used to cut production costs are designed to achieve a certain effect.

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition is a process frequently used to deposit DLC onto a substrate. DLC is broken down into a gaseous form, coming to rest on the substrate in a uniform coating. Thanks to the association of German Engineers, this list is clarified and quantified to help people place orders and navigate confusing terms or brand names.

When DLC is manufactured, it takes the appearance of a cobblestone road at a microscopic level. This is excellent for semi-conductivity, as it turns out, because of a phenomenon known as “quantum mechanical tunneling”. If you can imagine small tunnels from one cobble to the next, where electricity can pass through, it somewhat completes the analogy. At this point, it’s not something manufacturers have fully realized. The hope is that DLC will be used to conduct electricity.

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The Importance of Employee Attendance

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By Allied Time

For most companies, it goes without saying that employees are a huge investment—both in terms of how much they cost and what they’re supposed to produce. Presumably, your company can say the same. If that’s the case, then you need to go out of your way to ensure that you’re getting everything you need from these staff members. Fortunately, you can do this with something as simple as time clocks to track the time and attendance of every member of staff.

allied3The obvious reason for doing this is because you want to make sure you’re getting every minute of work from employees that you pay for. However, you also want to make sure that an employee can’t make a case for overtime by constantly staying later than they’re supposed to.

With the right time clock, you can also get a high level view of how your employees work. Reports will show you when people sign out for lunch, when they get back and when they take their breaks. By reviewing this information, you may find that a different type of schedule would save your purposes much better.

You can’t overstate the importance of employee attendance. Take it seriously by using the technology best-suited for the issue and you’ll be rewarded by far better results.


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Advances in Medical Testing

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You don’t have to look far to find sensation headlines about the dark side of medical testing in the old days. But great minds like Joseph Lister, who invented antiseptics to sterilize wounds and instruments, helped usher progress forward in the modern age. Surgery is still an extremely risky proposition, which is why so much effort goes into finding drugs to treat a problem rather than attempt surgical removal.

Without advances in medical testing, we would still be hacking away (literally) at our medical problems.


RNA polymers exist inside of living organisms and certain viruses. RNA polymerase produces a primary transcript RNA, which is like an outline for an organism’s genes. Using advanced technology to probe for these transcripts allows engineers to isolate certain viruses and observe how they affect the body. One technique utilizes fluorescent coloring to track these potentially harmful cells.

It’s important to distinguish harmful cells from the rest of the cells in the human body. Otherwise a cure meant to attack cancer cells would indiscriminately affect the body. Probes can also help improve response times for treatment, especially in parts of the world where medical laboratories are lacking.

Scientists can utilize a small blood sample to identify certain qualities of a disease and design probes around hunting down those cells.

Artificial DNA

DNA polymers can be manufactured artificially, which means that scientists have the necessary enzymes to simulate a reaction. Coupled with a greater understanding of the human genome, the ability to synthesize these artificial reactions will help scientists study the effects that diseases have on human DNA.


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