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High speed internet access in the US reaches farther, goes faster

Thought Google Fiber’s gigabit connections sounded fast? Forget about that — it’s going to be like dialing-in to 56k for folks in Minneapolis. US Internet has just announced that it’s bring 10 gigabit-per-second connections to the city next summer. … The rest is here:  High speed internet access in the US reaches farther, goes faster  Read More →

Where to Find Fleet GPS Tracking

Article written by InterTechOverload Fleet GPS tracking can easily track large fleets of trucks and cars. This is especially useful to companies that have numerous employees using company vehicles. They can simply track each vehicle individually by use of tracking software installed on the company computer. The tracking systems transmit signals back to the computer that receives the information and... [Read more]

How Vehicle Tracking Systems Can Save Money On Your Car Insurance

For many insurance companies they often base your rates on different factors such as age, type of car, driving history and other related issues. However, they also take in to account the amount of precaution you are taking to keep your car safe by using things such as vehicle tracking systems which can easily allow the police or yourself to track down the location of your vehicle in the event that... [Read more]