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Outsource and Focus on the Core

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Article Written by: Herb Kimble

These days, after pressing the customer service number’s digits into the keypad, hearing a clear voice transmitted to your ear from a domestic or international outsourced call center should not come as a surprise. Businesses, large and small, are taking the necessary measures to come out on top after all the numbers have been crunched. Outsourced call centers are a known way to reduce the operating costs of running a business. So the theory goes, outsourcing makes it possible for a business to concentrate on its core endeavors and thereby more efficiently manage its expenses.

Dentists make a good example of such a business. They operate solo, meaning they don’t work like most doctors do, in a hospital bustling with hundreds of patients, staff, and other doctors. But dentists still require staff support to make patient appointments and carry out dentistry procedures. Author June Thomas, providing some insight into the thoughts likely to cross the mind of more than one American dentist when pondering about help desk services, among other things, provides as prologue the following two tidbits: (1) approximately “80 percent and 85 percent of American dentists practice as owner-operators” and (2) dentists’ income is “typically the difference between the fees receive[d]” and the “expenditures…lay[ed] out, which are considerable.”

Some businesses might aim to become as focused as a dentist’s office while others plan for diversification but remain focused at the start. A small business answering service can be a great boon to firms that are just starting out or those that, getting more business requests than their current staff can manage, need some extra bodies on hand to get by as adjustments are made for the welcomed sustained growth. Having a call center’s assistance might also bridge the difference when there is a lag in how many customers are being tapped.

Outsourcing services can range from a single telephone answering service to more complex offerings that include software programmers and developers. Online tutorials and demonstrations are available to help you decide which service might be best for your needs. Finding the right company to provide this service to you can make a big difference to your bottom line. Also, an excellent service can help you make headway in the enhancement of your image among clients.

Herb Kimble is a sales and marketing professional with decades of experience growing and founding firms that achieved unprecedented success. Today, Herb Kimble is based out of Los Angeles and co-founded CineFocus Productions, a movie production and soundstage rental company.

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