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What City People Don’t Know About Rural Internet

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Because of how ubiquitous and intertwined the Internet is with city life, many city folks take it for granted. Young professionals use it for their in-person and remote jobs. Families at home use it to stream whatever type of entertainment they want. And children in school can use it to find answers to any question they can think of. However, for many people in rural areas, life is not so simple.

Providing high-speed, high-quality Internet for rural areas is a problem the government has been attempting to tackle for several decades. Though the current administration has pledged funds and efforts to improve rural America’s infrastructure for a better broadband connection, many rural residents still feel the impact of no reliable Internet options. Work, education, and leisure time have been disrupted both by the region’s lack of infrastructure and cable companies’ refusal to cater services to rural residents.

With this in mind, rural residents are looking to rural Internet service providers to fill their niche and step up where cable companies cannot. Satellite Internet service providers are using their technological strength to reach underserved areas, while mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi are using cell towers to offer unlimited 4G rural Internet with no data caps or overage fees. UbiFi, in particular, was founded with a mission to be one of the best rural Internet service providers for residents of rural America. For this reason, UbiFi had adopted the motto “Internet. Anywhere.”

As solutions to the rural Internet problem continue developing, rural residents will need support from the government and from businesses willing to take a chance on rural areas. Rural and urban citizens must work together to make Internet access everywhere a reality.

How should you choose keywords?

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Blog provided by Electric Kitten

When you read online blog success stories, many say that they never did any keyword research during the early days of their blog. However, look closely at those early articles and you will find that often, those pages do include keywords, it’s just been a natural part of the bloggers writing. Proper keyword selection is important and can make the difference between ranking on the first page and languishing down in page 100.

Keyword selection is important for one primary reason: it tells everyone, user, or search engine, that this is what you think your page is about. Choose the wrong keywords and you send the wrong message. Search engines will have lower scores for your page, ranking it against the keywords you did use. Don’t make that mistake. Do some basic keyword research.

The most important things to look for in keywords are monthly traffic volume and competitiveness. Without volume you could rank first for a phrase that has a monthly volume of two people. Alternatively, you might end up targeting a high-volume keyword that puts you up against a million other, bigger, older sites. Also, choose keywords that represent the intent of your visitors, this way you align your content with their needs.

It is clear now that keywords are important and content writing without keyword research or with the wrong keywords is going to cost you in the long run. Put together a keyword research plan and use that to target and grow your sites audience.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to find a reliable web host that can make sure you have as much uptime as you need to make an impression on all potential customers. If you’re looking for a webhosting Los Angeles provider, be sure to visit Electric Kitten, a trusted web hosting company that has served Southern California for almost two decades.

Business Technology Upgrades That Increase Workplace Efficiency

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As technology evolves, so must businesses. Advances in technology can help companies increase productivity and achieve their business goals. Here are three types of business technology that can help your company reach the next level.

High-quality websites

It is an unwritten rule that every company should have a website for promotion and/or e-commerce. However, not many companies invest in creating a high-quality website that drives interaction and purchases. A good website should be informative, easy to navigate, and eye-catching. Companies should also invest in high-quality dedicated web hosting so their website loads fast enough to keep its SEO ranking.

Project management services

Cloud-based services such as Asana help organize material and communication related to specific projects. Any employee can check on a project’s status or find the information about the project they may need. This allows for easy communication and efficient planning around project timelines. Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings, said, “Project management services have been crucial in making sure all of our workers are on the same page. In any office, communication is crucial, and we make sure all our projects are collaborations instead of one-man tasks.”

Bluetooth headsets

Taking business calls on a telephone may be an old tradition, but holding a phone to your ear can disrupt workflow and lead to ergonomic issues. A good wireless headset frees up your hands to type and work while talking to clients. It also sidesteps the problem of telephone cords, which can impede your movement. A wireless headset will let you take calls away from your designated workspace, allowing you to move freely without cause for concern.

What is colocation?

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Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Colocation services offer everything you need to host your own physical servers in a safe, secure, and managed environment. You get access to a building, cooling, electricity, bandwidth, and layered security and all you must do is provide the hardware you need hosted.

There are several advantages to this approach, with the primary that you get access to levels of service, capacity, and reliability that would otherwise be out of reach or not economical for your scale. For example, you will get access to extremely fast internet links and as much bandwidth you need when you need it. Also, even the electric supply will have multiple redundancies both internally, and externally.

You also get the associated cost savings of only paying for the space and the services you need. You no longer need to maintain an in-house data center and all the maintenance activities, contracts, staff, and headaches that come along with it. The days of needing your own data center are over. Even if you require confidential or secure access to your servers, most colocation facilities will have secure isles that you can rent exclusively.

A lot of firms are moving to the cloud or renting servers themselves, but if you have a fleet of servers, require special hardware, or require the kind of security that cloud providers do not have, then colocation is the way forward.

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How Colocation and Dedicated Servers Can Boost Server Performance

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Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Colocation and dedicated servers are ideal alternatives to shared hosting because they both allow users to have servers all to themselves. Shared hosting is inferior because it forces users to share server space. Eventually, you’ll run out of bandwidth and other server resources, resulting in decreased loading speed and uptime.

Colocation and dedicated servers also have their own pros and cons, so you’ll have to consider which option will be more efficient for your business. If your website requires customized server software and hardware to reach its full potential, you might benefit more from colocation. In colocation, the client owns and is responsible for all their software and hardware, so you can do with your server as you please. However, if you’d rather leave server maintenance to someone else, dedicated servers may be more suited to your needs. You won’t have any control over your hardware or software, but you can still scale your servers according to your company’s growth.

In the end, both are valid options for ensuring your servers reach as many potential customers as you can. They may be pricier than traditional web hosting options, but if your company can afford them, they might be worthwhile investments in the long run.

If you need an LA colocation or dedicated server provider you can trust, contact Electric Kitten today. They’ve provided reliable web hosting services for almost two decades. If you are located in the Southern California area, give them a call at 877-821-HOST or email them at

5 great laptops for work and play

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Article provided by Curacao

Are you looking for a laptop you can use for work and entertainment in equal measure? For travelers who take frequent business trips, it’s become a growing necessity to have a personal computer that is powerful enough to process work functions while also being able to play movies and entertainment during idle hours. Here are a few suggestions for laptops great for work and play.

13.3” Apple MacBook Pro


Apple’s MacBooks have a reputation for being high-quality all-purpose laptops. This model comes with Apple’s Magic Keyboard for easier, more accurate typing and True Tone Technology for clearer visual displays while working or just surfing the web.

MSI MODERN15085 Gaming Laptop

This may be a gaming laptop, but don’t be fooled. The same technology that allows it to display clear, detailed graphics makes it ideal for video/photo editing or graphic design. For users in visual design professions who love playing a good game in their spare time, this is a perfect choice.

Microsoft Surface Book 2


This innovative device can be converted to tablet mode for touch screen functionality, studio mode for use with a stylus, or view mode for presentations. Studio mode provides impressive control and sensitivity for drawing and sketching on the device’s screen. The Surface Book is another great laptop for workers in design professions.

Acer Spin 1


The Acer Spin 1 is another laptop that converts into a tablet with a variety of work and entertainment-friendly features. It comes with a built-in collection of helpful apps including Microsoft Office and Evernote, while its HD display lets you watching high-definition videos whenever you feel like it.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1

The Lenovo ThinkPad is known for being designed and built specifically for business. Its durability, storage, and processing power will help you complete your work tasks, while its HD display, HDMI connectivity, and Dolby Home Theater sound are perfect for playing your favorite movies anytime and anywhere.

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How EDI labels have helped international trade

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International trade is one of the biggest influences on the world economy. It has given citizens of all nations access to the very best products and technology and has allowed businesses from all parts of the world to penetrate other countries’ markets with their goods and services. Despite this, there are challenges associated with international trade as a result of the diversity of cultures, languages, and economic statuses seen in the different countries of the world.

To facilitate smooth business between companies in two different nations, there needs to be a solution that allows easy communication regardless of language, currency, and system of measurement. Fortunately, EDI has provided that solution for retailers worldwide. Through electronic data interchange, information is electronically converted into a form both trade partners can understand and look at through their information systems.

UCC128 labels, also known as GS1-128 labels, can be added to products as a way to easily transmit their transaction information, such as contents, manufacturer, style, weight, and destination. Since GS1-128 standards are uniform across the globe, it is much easier to be on the same page as your global trade partners. And because of the other benefits of EDI, you’ll also save time and money by ensuring accuracy and timely, efficient transfer of goods.


Why there is a need to have vendor compliance?

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Vendor compliance is typically the reliance of a company on their company for the provision of goods or services that ensures the smooth running of their business. It is therefore, essential to have a well-defined policy that will help to reduce costs of a warehouse, freight as well as delivery, while increasing the speed of customer service.

Vendor compliance helps in the implementation of advanced supply chain systems, just in-time inventory, RFID systems, source marketing and ticketing, and ASNs. Moreover, an effective vendor compliance program will reduce the time spent on vendor chargebacks, claims, and disputes, thus leading to a better managed vendor relationship. It will also ensure that all processes go smoothly between the order and the payment, while helping to resolve issues effectively and promptly if they arise.

In case there is no vendor compliance, then the company will find it really hard to deal with issues such as price increase, a late delivery, or a dissatisfactory product. Therefore, a fully developed vendor compliance policy is vital as it can help your company avoid problems such as improper PO numbers, wrong products sent, and product substitution without approval, incorrect labels, improperly packaged merchandise, mixed POs, mixed SKUs, incomplete bill of landing, late deliveries, damage, nonstandard pallets, etc.


Differences between traditional Edi and internet Edi

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With the introduction of latest technology, there is a need to better understand the systems and methods that are available for the fast and efficient transfer and storage of data between individuals, businesses and companies. In the beginning traditional Edi was only being used for the transfer of information. However, with the passage of time, internet Edi became an integral part of communication between different businesses and companies.

According to experts, following are the major differences between a traditional EDI and an internet EDI.

As far as the communication protocols are concerned, a traditional Edi requires a proprietary communication protocol, while internet Edi requires a standardized protocol TCP/IP. Traditional Edi provides rigidity to the business as it is limited to only the coverage area of VAN providers. Internet Edi, on the other hand, help to improve the agility of any business. Moreover, they are highly flexible and easily accessible, with a wide area network that is independent of any VAN providers.

A traditional Edi requires a high deployment and operation cost as well as high configuration expenses. Internet Edi has the additional benefit of lower deployment and operation costs as well as low configuration expenses.

Traditional Edi improves operational efficiency by providing access to data only in batched mode. This provides higher transactional security. While the internet Edi improves the inter-organizational co-operative relationship by providing timely access to the data. This results in lower transaction security.

Outsource and Focus on the Core

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Article Written by: Herb Kimble

These days, after pressing the customer service number’s digits into the keypad, hearing a clear voice transmitted to your ear from a domestic or international outsourced call center should not come as a surprise. Businesses, large and small, are taking the necessary measures to come out on top after all the numbers have been crunched. Outsourced call centers are a known way to reduce the operating costs of running a business. So the theory goes, outsourcing makes it possible for a business to concentrate on its core endeavors and thereby more efficiently manage its expenses.

Dentists make a good example of such a business. They operate solo, meaning they don’t work like most doctors do, in a hospital bustling with hundreds of patients, staff, and other doctors. But dentists still require staff support to make patient appointments and carry out dentistry procedures. Author June Thomas, providing some insight into the thoughts likely to cross the mind of more than one American dentist when pondering about help desk services, among other things, provides as prologue the following two tidbits: (1) approximately “80 percent and 85 percent of American dentists practice as owner-operators” and (2) dentists’ income is “typically the difference between the fees receive[d]” and the “expenditures…lay[ed] out, which are considerable.”

Some businesses might aim to become as focused as a dentist’s office while others plan for diversification but remain focused at the start. A small business answering service can be a great boon to firms that are just starting out or those that, getting more business requests than their current staff can manage, need some extra bodies on hand to get by as adjustments are made for the welcomed sustained growth. Having a call center’s assistance might also bridge the difference when there is a lag in how many customers are being tapped.

Outsourcing services can range from a single telephone answering service to more complex offerings that include software programmers and developers. Online tutorials and demonstrations are available to help you decide which service might be best for your needs. Finding the right company to provide this service to you can make a big difference to your bottom line. Also, an excellent service can help you make headway in the enhancement of your image among clients.

Herb Kimble is a sales and marketing professional with decades of experience growing and founding firms that achieved unprecedented success. Today, Herb Kimble is based out of Los Angeles and co-founded CineFocus Productions, a movie production and soundstage rental company.

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