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How EDI labels have helped international trade

February 5, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

International trade is one of the biggest influences on the world economy. It has given citizens of all nations access to the very best products and technology and has allowed businesses from all parts of the world to penetrate other countries’ markets with their goods and services. Despite this, there are challenges associated with international trade as a result of the diversity of cultures, languages, and economic statuses seen in the different countries of the world.

To facilitate smooth business between companies in two different nations, there needs to be a solution that allows easy communication regardless of language, currency, and system of measurement. Fortunately, EDI has provided that solution for retailers worldwide. Through electronic data interchange, information is electronically converted into a form both trade partners can understand and look at through their information systems.

UCC128 labels, also known as GS1-128 labels, can be added to products as a way to easily transmit their transaction information, such as contents, manufacturer, style, weight, and destination. Since GS1-128 standards are uniform across the globe, it is much easier to be on the same page as your global trade partners. And because of the other benefits of EDI, you’ll also save time and money by ensuring accuracy and timely, efficient transfer of goods.


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