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Tips to Help Employees Stay Productive Off-Site

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Changes to how offices use flex time have led to improvements in work-at-home setups. Some employees are dedicated out of office workers, with looser schedules. These employees must be held to the same standards as on-site workers, with employers monitoring remote desktop employees and helping to establish priorities. If you want to establish a work-from-home mentality at your office, it’s important you set up the proper infrastructure before employees leave the building.

Establish Hierarchy

Your employees should know who they are to report to, which is less of an issue for someone who works temporarily out of the home. Full-time home office workers may need to attend a monthly meeting for status reports, or coordinate a group phone call from off-site. Be sure that supervisors are holding employees accountable, with records of deliverables and quality checks.

Status Updates

Project managers thrive on their ability to plan based on the resources at hand. Without accurate estimates of deliverables, there is little a manger can do to rein a project in. Requesting regular status updates via email is not just micro-managing, it’s good practice for all managers. Regular updates help you improve a project incrementally. When you’re working with contractors, you’re charged for every minute that you use them, so you want to avoid edits by establishing project boundaries up front.

Project Management

Software to track the project is also useful. Basecamp and other task management programs allow teams to coordinate tasks and leave status updates in a central location. With the software hosted on the cloud, businesses can let multiple employees access the system from wherever they are. Some of these programs can accept deliverables from employees too. If you want to track time, open a new Notepad document and type the word “LOG” at the top. Save the document and reopen it to make a new timestamp that will record the hours you spent on a project.

Monitor Workloads

Monitoring what employees are doing on your network is a good idea for productivity and security. A terminal services log can provide employers with a list of which employees accessed a system, what they did and where they went after completing their project. This level of knowledge helps track the habits of off-site workers, who may complete their work while most of the management team is asleep. It also provides a layer of protection and accountability, in case things go wrong on your network.


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