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Keeping Computers Cool

March 25, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Most big and large offices have a computer or server room. It is in this room where they store a large amount of computers, servers, and other related machines. It is common knowledge that all of these machines emit heat as they run and work. And seeing as this one room will have a lot of computers or servers, maybe even hundreds of them all group tightly together in one room, this equates to a lot of heat. That is why, if you’ve noticed, these server rooms are always cold and have their air conditioning units set to a really low temperature. However, these AC units are stationary ones, which means the source of cold air stays in one place. This leads to a longer time to keep the room at an equal and cool temperature and also leads to hot and cold spots in the room.

However, portable A/C units can help solve this problem real easy! By being able to move the air conditioning units around, you can eliminate hot pockets in the room, creating even computer cooling. And because you’re able to move it around and eliminate hot spots, the room, as a whole, cools faster., saving energy and lowering your electricity costs.

It is important to keep  your computer and server room cool to make sure that your computers are running at 100% efficiency. Cool computers are fast computers. Switch to portable A/C units to increase productivity in the office and reduce electricity costs.

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