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How to Retarget Without Spamming

December 11, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Retargeting is an awesome tool for the savvy marketer, but newbies can damage their branding if they are not careful how they allocate that traffic. Showing your ads too frequently is often viewed as invasive. It also dilutes your brand and makes you seem like you are going after the cheap sale. You don’t want your retargeting efforts to look like spam. So here are some tips to help everyone launch their first retargeting campaigns to build conversions.

Adjust Your Frequency

There seems to be a sweet spot to retargeting, where consumers report positive interaction with ads that seem to follow them around the Web. Show an ad to someone repeatedly and they may make a purchase, or recall your store later when the time comes. Show them that ad too frequently and they begin to view you as someone hounding them. Try to aim for about three impressions per user. More than that and you risk bothering them.

Building Your List

Consumers don’t mind seeing repeated messaging, and that can be great for business too. You can hammer home that you offer a free service, or consumer coupons through your retargeting that they can’t get elsewhere. You would benefit from retargeting with a purpose. Your messaging should compel the user to do something, just as your normal display advertising would, but you can take retargeting one step further.

Remember that retargeting is your second chance to reach out to consumers. You should also try to focus your retargeting on the locations and interests that perform best for you, so you can continue to take advantage of those top-performing segments.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO of engage:BDR, an ad company offering targeted traffic for marketers. Ted Dhanik is a seasoned direct marketer who has experience growing brands like and Ted Dhanik helps businesses develop leads through mobile and desktop advertising.

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