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Example uses of portable air conditioners

December 17, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

movincool2There are cooling solutions for various scenarios. However, due to several factors, the popularity of portable cooling is growing. Here are a few scenarios where it is increasingly used:

Data centers

As data centers expand rapidly, the time and the work required to install dedicated large format air conditioners grows. The larger tech companies have mobile setup teams that move from data center to data center setting them up. Initial setup will always involve the use of a server room air conditioner. However, once the setup teams move on, any expansion of the data center will involve the use of portable air conditioners to provide cooling rather than interrupt regular operations to upgrade existing equipment.

Outdoor events

This is probably the most common use of portable air conditioners. Not only are they used to cool staging areas and lounges, they are also used to cool the various engineering sites that support the event. Everything from the recording studio, lighting control area and production studios on-site will be cooled using portable air conditioners. This is especially true for daytime events where temperatures can run high and critical equipment will need to be operated for days.

These are just two example of the growing use cases for portable cooling. Some other examples are factories, smaller offices, and building which have no facility for ducting or wall mounted units. Even households use them for increased cooling during events or for spot cooling.

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