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The Benefits of Colocation

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By Rack Alley

Have you heard of colocation before? There’s a good chance you have, seeing as how popular it’s becoming. But many of you may still be in the dark, so let’s take a look at what it means and how it can help your company.

No doubt you’re already well aware of the fact that your business needs a website. Without one, it might as well not exist for all intents and purposes.

Having a website means you must also have hosting for it. This is necessary to keep your site up and online at all times.

In the past, server hosting in Los Angeles meant that you would be given space that was shared by dozens of other companies too.

Colocation has come along and put an end to this archaic way of doing things though. With Los Angeles colocation, you get to design your own server from scratch. This means you can pick out all the hardware to give your company the exact hosting solution it needs.

If you want, of course, you can rent out space to other companies and make some extra money on the side. But there is no mandate you do so, which means all the electricity that goes through that server gets used for your needs and your needs only.


LA web hosting is growing in popularity and for good reason. Los Angeles web hosting like colocation comes with all of the benefits you’d expect from this option, but with far more versatility. Let Rack Alley show you!

This Advanced Prosthetic is Already Changing Lives

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A retired staff sergeant is the recipient of a special gift from the Alfred Mann Foundation.

In the future, medical technology will push the boundaries between machine and human. We can already ingest tiny computers that provide us with data about our bodies, but soon we’ll work together with computers and machinery in a way that has only previously been hinted at in science fiction.

That’s where Staff Sergeant James Sides comes in. Sides is now retired, but he suffered a debilitating injury during a patrol. He came across an IED, and, while attempting to diffuse it, suffered severe damage to his arm and blindness in one eye when the device detonated within close proximity. His right hand was completely missing, “shredded to the wrist” in his words, and his forearm was broken.

The Army managed to fix the immediate damage and helped him to recover, but the missing hand made it difficult for Sides to accomplish even basic tasks that you might take for granted. For Sides, activities like opening a soda can or pouring and drinking a glass of water suddenly became time-consuming tasks. The feeling wasn’t pleasant.

The Alfred Mann Foundation, which was founded in 1985 with the goal of providing solutions to these challenges, located Sides and decided to do something about his situation. They embedded an electronic device in his arm. The device reads the movements in his muscles and outputs that data into a language the prosthetic he wears can understand. Using these techniques, Sides has 3 ranges of motion and can open and close his hand or move individual fingers.

Although there are only seven of these devices in circulation, the Alfred Mann Foundation hopes that working with Steve Doctrow and the team of Rogers & Cowan will help bring these devices the attention they deserve. These important devices will help so many reclaim the normalcy that injuries can cause.