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Cloud Technology for Businesses

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Written by Rack Alley

Are you looking for cloud server hosting Los Angeles area? The cloud technology is becoming a major buzz nowadays, especially among large companies, and has created a new look to our modern world. Cloud is a server that allows integration of extra resources such as space or RAM and consequently enabling website growth. Along with word “cloud” itself came cloud hosting. Now, let’s not get all worked up about the terms, cloud hosting basically means that multiple connected servers that forms a cloud hosts services that are provided to customers. Since availing cloud hosting services has been proven to be quite beneficial among clients – enjoying the easy accessibility and reliability of data, the scalability of applications, and the security of accounts.

If you can access all of your files anywhere in the world, where are the servers located? There are several web and cloud hosting companies that have LA data centers. The west coast is a prime technology area that acts as a meeting point of global internet and traffic.

Accessibility with a plus

Being a consumer, it would be best to use a cloud server that can facilitate self-service anytime- enabling you to access your data on demand, without the need of human interaction. Plus, some providers now enables the customer to access the needed information from any device like smart phones, tablets, etc. – don’t deprive yourself of this feature. To get the latest in Cloud software, look for hosting companies that use the latest VMotion technology like Rack Alley. They have LA Data Centers that are updated and have high level security and infrastructure.

Rack Alley offers Cloud Hosting services that are powered with the latest VMware. Visit their website for more information regarding their services and how they can correspond with the data demands of your business.

Day Parting and Other Automation Tips

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Automation can help or hinder your campaigns, depending on what you use it for. Rely on it too much and you may miss crucial flags that tell you a campaign isn’t performing well. Too little and you will fall into paralysis as you chase stats. Marketing is all about knowing your audience and staying apprised of what it wants to hear, so it’s important that you clear time in your day to analyze your findings. That’s where automation can play its greatest role, offering you the chance to pack more work into the same amount of hours.

Day Parting

One of the first ways to use automation is to schedule your campaigns to run at a certain time. If your campaigns don’t do well on weekends or at night, you might consider stopping these campaigns to see if your conversions improve. Rather than do this manually, which you might forget to do, automate the process and your campaigns will show only during the dates and times you specify.


Automating your reporting can help you gather data quickly, and clear time to review it. Say that you need to review keywords weekly. You could order an automated report from your traffic provider, scheduled every Monday, so that you would have the results of last week’s campaigns on your desk.


Alerts help you keep track of current trends in your market. Alerts for your brand name, the product name, or certain blogs that are popular in your niche can cue you into new ideas. You may also see examples from others, so you can follow trends to see what works.

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