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Keeping Computers Cool

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Article written by Movincool

Most big and large offices have a computer or server room. It is in this room where they store a large amount of computers, servers, and other related machines. It is common knowledge that all of these machines emit heat as they run and work. And seeing as this one room will have a lot of computers or servers, maybe even hundreds of them all group tightly together in one room, this equates to a lot of heat. That is why, if you’ve noticed, these server rooms are always cold and have their air conditioning units set to a really low temperature. However, these AC units are stationary ones, which means the source of cold air stays in one place. This leads to a longer time to keep the room at an equal and cool temperature and also leads to hot and cold spots in the room.

However, portable A/C units can help solve this problem real easy! By being able to move the air conditioning units around, you can eliminate hot pockets in the room, creating even computer cooling. And because you’re able to move it around and eliminate hot spots, the room, as a whole, cools faster., saving energy and lowering your electricity costs.

It is important to keep  your computer and server room cool to make sure that your computers are running at 100% efficiency. Cool computers are fast computers. Switch to portable A/C units to increase productivity in the office and reduce electricity costs.

Movincool is  brand of DENSO Corporation and is the number 1 spot cooling solution. They make quality portable air conditioners for all applications and uses.

The Potential of a Data Center

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By Rack Alley

Every company these days relies on high-tech solutions both for growing their profits and shrinking their overhead. So it’s no surprise that the most successful ones tend to have the most technology on their side. That means if you’re looking to get ahead with your business, you need to be adapting and taking on these advantages too. One of the best ones available is having an LA data center     on your side.

Why a data center? Because it allows your company a larger digital footprint than it could ever have on its own. The company will put endless amounts of server space at your disposal without forcing you to invest in unnecessary, and expensive, amounts of hardware. This also means that if your company ever needs to gear their services down, they can do so without having a bunch of hardware sitting idle, taking up space and potentially sapping electricity.

No matter what your company’s current needs are, you can do more and do it better with a data center backing you. Your company will get more than countless service on demand, but all the security and redundancy measures necessary to ensure your information is safe and never going anywhere.

Rack Alley services the Los Angeles area with just about every high-tech resource they need to stay competitive in their market while adapting to new challenges. Whether you need a Los Angeles data center, hosting or other data center services, they’re the company to call.

Upgrade to Web-based Sweepstakes Games

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If you own a sweepstakes café business, it’s important to constantly update your products and services. Adding new products to your menu will not only attract new clientele but also satisfy your current customers. One of the most important upgrades you can make to your café is switching from computer games to web-based sweepstakes games. Why is it so important? The professionals at the consulting firm SweepsCoach have provided the following reasons you should switch to web-based sweepstakes games.

Cost Less to Install, Run, and Maintain

Upgrading your café shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. The good news is that web-based games are more affordable than traditional sweepstakes games. They are cheaper to install, run, and maintain. This means that you can update your business without going over your budget. It also means that you will save more money in the long run, because web-based games are also built better. You don’t have to worry about constantly spending time and money on fixing the games.

Convenient and Flexible  

Web-based sweepstakes games are convenient for the business owner and for the customer. First, when it comes to the business owner, web-based games are great because they can be used with standard sweepstakes totems, or internet sweepstakes machines where customers purchase time to play the games. They are also easy to maintain because they get automatically updated via the web.

When it comes to the customer, web-based games are wonderful because they can be played at home. Although this also benefits the business owner because it means more time on the games.

Small Businesses Need Time Clocks

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By Allied Time

If you’re running a small business, I don’t need to tell you that you’re already running an uphill battle. Furthermore, you probably aren’t interested in spending any money you otherwise wouldn’t have to. Small businesses need excess resources more than anyone.

One important option is making time clocks a regular part of working hours. This is a huge step in the right direction of making sure you’re getting everything from your employees.

Even huge companies spend a large bulk of their overhead on employees, so small businesses have it even worse. That’s why it’s so important you make sure those you are paying are constantly working when they’re on the clock.

While a time clock at work may make you think of a number of old fashioned models, that’s simply not the way it is anymore. Nowadays, you can go with a Lathem time clock or some other high-tech version. Models like Lathem time will make it easy for you to track your staff’s hour and impossible for them to get around it.

You can optimize these benefits even more by synching it with software that can provide you with easy reporting methods so you can get a big picture at any time. Small businesses need all the help they can get and this is an excellent way to do it.


For all your company’s timekeeping needs, it pays to visit Allied Time’s website. They have everything from an electronic time clock to other famous brands that will help you track your business’ workday with ease.

How to Improve Your Online Display Advertising

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Written by Ted Dhanik

Keyword-based targeting leaves a lot to the imagination. Even when you want to post banners, keyword-based advertising leaves too many variables that a successful campaign must wade through to see huge conversions. Before you start throwing money at testing principles, focus on targeting the right users with your ads and your conversions will rise.


Knowing the sites on which your ads will be posted helps you determine whether the placement is good for your market. For example, you wouldn’t run a mortgage ad on a crafts site. The two don’t mix, and the audience isn’t likely to shop for a mortgage. You can use Analytics to determine some of where that traffic comes from, but your traffic provider may be able to provide some insight as well. Ask about specific traffic segments that may include clusters of similar websites. Your provider may even have some tips on which targeting settings would help your banner advertising campaign would get the best start.


Demographic targeting is one of the most effective tools you have at your disposal. With demographic targeting, you can adjust your campaigns to meet specific qualities that you need to convert from your target market. Targeting also means the difference between appearing on websites that may be relevant and targeting websites that your audience specifically checks for products like yours.

There is also retargeting, which focuses on audience members that have already seen your ads and visited your website. This tactic is very useful if you have poor conversion rates, as it only targets people for multiple viewings, eliminating the volume of new customers that may be disinterested in your messages.


Knowing more than just whether someone converted is the key to forming a strong campaign. You should be tracking which websites they came from, using parameters that both you and your traffic provider can recognize. This way, your display advertising will show up in your own analytics software and track the sites that hosted the ad in your traffic provider’s analytics. Piece these two bits of information together and you will have data you can mine from to learn more about customer behavior.

Final Thoughts

Display advertising requires plenty of testing if you want to scale a campaign successfully. Using these tips, you will be able to find the data you need on placements and target those placements effectively. A combination of demographic targeting, focusing on placing your ads on the proper websites, and analyzing the data your ads generate will help you build your customer base.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a display media expert. With over fifteen years of experience in sales and direct marketing, , Ted Dhanik is poised to help businesses run aggressive banner advertising campaigns online. Contact Ted Dhanik to learn more about engage:BDR, a premium advertising network for online marketers.