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Investing in Web-based Sweepstakes Games

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Owning an internet café franchise means more than offering people the ability to surf the web. These days a growing number of internet café owners are enhancing their services by adding sweepstakes games, or internet sweepstakes machines. These machines make it possible for consumers to purchase time through a kiosk and then use the time to play sweepstakes games on the computer. If you’re new to the industry, you might wonder which are the best sweepstakes games on the market? Here’s a look at how to find the best sweepstakes games for your internet café.

Say yes to web-based games. There are many different types of sweepstakes games on the market, making it difficult to find the best games. Before you go into the details, make sure that you only look at web-based games, or games that are built on a web platform. Web-based games are superior to other games for many reasons. First of all, web-based games are simply more powerful. This means that the games will play smoother and there will be less complaints and maintenance involved.

Web-based games are also more affordable. It’s easy to setup a game based on a web platform. It’s also easier to maintain it because there are automatic updates. Another benefit to web-based games is that customers can play them at home.

It’s easy to determine if a game is based on the internet. One way you can tell is if you can play the game at home on your own computer. This is a great way for you to ensure you’re dealing with a web-based game and that it’s interesting and/or fun to play.

Outsource your IT Services

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Article written by MacXcess

Are you tired of hosting your own IT services? Are you tired of the countless hours you and your staff need to put in to keep your online services up and running? Maybe you’re tired of the high maintenance overhead and long hours keeping your IT services up and running. Whatever the case, be smart about your business and optimize your data center or computer system by switching up to modern IT service standards. Moving to modern IT service standards however can be a difficult and tiring process. Luckily, migrating to a new more modern data center can be as simple as hiring an experienced IT service provider.

With IT services Irvine you and your business can function seamlessly during this transition, with very little intervention on your part. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals managing your IT and datacenter framework, you can spend less time worrying and more time making your business grow. Migrate now and join the ranks of big businesses and make your internet backbone bulletproof with the help of a team of seasoned experts versed in the field of IT and datacenter management. If you’re already hiring an IT provider, it may be time to reevaluate their services to make sure you make the most out of your thousands of IT dollars. With the many computer services Orange County out there, you have the selection to choose from, and it is up to you make sure you get only the best IT provider possible.

A Typical Marine Exhaust Manifold Problem to Look For

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If your speedboat hasn’t been performing like you remember, it’s a good idea to take it in for a checkup or, if you are up to the task, start troubleshooting it yourself. There can be a number of reasons your boat isn’t running right. For engines subjected to salt water, one of the main problems can be the marine exhaust manifolds no longer working correctly.

Unfortunately, most boat owners miss this part. They spend countless hours going through their spark plugs, looking at the carburetor, leads, the rotor, etc. But they never stop to notice the thick deposit left on both the oil filler cap and even in the sump.

The issue is that most marine exhaust manifolds are made from cast iron. Unfortunately, cast iron, though strong, durable and dependable, is also very porous and will soak up the salt water it’s exposed to. After a long enough period of time, the metal begins becoming corroded. When corrosion finally eats through the metal, the water used to cool the engine is introduced to the exhaust system.

This is a job for a professional. No amount of cleaning will fix it. Look for a professional that uses sierra marine parts, to ensure you’re getting the best replacements possible. While they may be able to apply a sealant or solder a  repair, be prepared for needing new exhaust manifolds at the least.


Online Advertising: The Advantage for Web Based Companies

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By Ted Dhanik 

More people look at the internet rather than read magazines or newspapers. While print media is still alive and well, it is nonetheless starting it’s descent into the realms of yesterday. This was the promise of the internet: access to information made available to virtually everyone. And it was a huge step in the evolution of technology. With such a big step, the world changed how it views things. For someone who owns an online business, the primary way of reaching people is by using that very medium. And it continues to grow.

When someone advertises online, they have the potential to reach millions of people rather than a simple advertisement in a newspaper or periodical. And because the internet has the means of looking into web pages to find specific phrases or words, advertising can be literally created so it can find its way to an intended audience.

The world has many interests, some of them popular, others not so much. However, by using tools of online advertising, any business has the potential of success. A sports company could advertise in common publications and still find its customers. But take a niche market, say something like people who decoupage. The market is extremely small and for a business to succeed, it is crucial that it finds its target audience.

Online advertising can give a business not only the tools it needs to survive, but also the means to succeed. The world has changed. And for a business to grow, the means of getting the word out needs to change as well.

This content has been provided by the Ted Dhanik and his associates. For your online advertising needs, Ted Dhanik has the solutions you’ve been searching for. Visit him at his website today and see what Ted Dhanik has in store for you.

How Display Advertising Can Further a Political Campaign

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Political campaigns, when viewed by a voter, are very rarely seen as advertising or marketing campaigns. That is exactly what they are, however. In today’s time, both politicians and PACs use traditional media and advertising methods to reach the voting population. This includes television ads, radio interviews and commercials, and newspaper coverage. There is a huge media connection missing here however, and politicians are slowly catching on to it- using the internet as a way to connect with voters and advertise their message.

This is called display marketing. Essentially, a politician or PAC would display a specific ad on a specific site that is geared toward certain people. For example, a candidate might run an ad on a pet adoption’s website advocating their desire to sponsor a new bill that stops animal cruelty. The people that view this website will probably be people who want or have animals, and would be most interested in learning about an anti-cruelty animal law. This display marketing piece has directed a specific target of people to a candidate who shares the same feelings and opinions as these voters do.

The benefits of this extend past a single politician or PAC group. With a specified ad such as this, voters can be marketed to directly. This gains interest and momentum in a political race, especially with Generation Y, who use the Internet quite frequently as means for learning new information and staying on top of the news. Bringing the political race to them will make them much more likely to get involved in the political race and vote.

Being able to extend political visibility to as many corners of the advertising world as possible is the goal of a political campaign manager. So utilizing the internet to direct people to a politician’s webpage or perhaps monetary donation site is only logical.

Besides gaining visibility to specific voters, display marketing is also a great way for candidates to be localized with their issues. Putting up advertisements on local webpages about issues relating to the city is a great way to get the community involved in and aware of what is going on. Viewers can be taken to the homepage of the politician or the PAC group and be informed about a particular stance. This gains more votes, traction in the race, and generates interest in topics.

Display advertising has many advantages, many of which help politicians reach more constituents, get their opinions out, and gain more webpage views. There is not much to lose when investing in internet marketing during a political race.

Guest post brought to you by Ted Dhanik. Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik blogs about display advertising and high performance marketing solutions. To find out more about Ted Dhanik, visit

Using Predictive Technology to Shape Film Production

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By Samuel Phineas Upham

Algorithms are a growing part of daily life. They help determine which coupons are sent to you by your grocery store, or which search results you receive when you type a search term into Google. But most people don’t realize that algorithms are starting to influence the creation of art. Intelligent Life profiled Nick Meany, whose company Epagogix uses advanced algorithms to help film studios determine the direction of their movies.

Meany has developed algorithms that can analyse scripts for elements such as having clear good guys and bad guys and its ability to create empathy for characters. By taking hundreds of such factors, Meany can predict the box office success of a film — usually within $10 million of its final take.

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Samuel Phineas Uphamis an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Samual Phineas Upham website or Facebook page.

Business Advantages of Utilizing Display Marketing

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By Ted Dhanik

There are many advantages to the business who decides to purchase display marketing and go this route with its’ product.

The first one settles on the consumers. Most consumers are spending a lot of time online to buy products, research new ones, and compare prices. Internet searches and uses are a daily routine for the majority of people, and the exposure to it ranges from use on a handheld device to a computer in an office. Even television and radio do not have this extensive of a reach to consumers. So the first advantage of display marketing to a business is the potential wide reach of its message or product.

The second advantage to a business with display marketing is the low CPM turnover that can be associated with correct utilization of display marketing. Some display marketing companies are only there for the connections- to paste your ad on websites that have high users. However, this is not the most cost efficient way for a business’ ad to get traffic and generate sales. The best ROI for this lies in the dedication and effort to determine where the ad gets placed.

This is based on a host of information gathered about the customer. A business knows the profile of its primary customer and their target guest. Using this information will help dictate which sites contain these demographics, thereby leading high traffic with the desired persons. That is what creates a low CPM- because the high traffic consist of viewers that are interested in the product, and not just a high traffic site.

Guest post provided by Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik offers his insights on display advertising in his professional blogs. Use Ted Dhanik when you need help with display advertising for your business.