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Get to Know Your Boat

August 27, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The sea is such a majestic and inviting place. The cool sea breeze on your hair and the salt on your skin while makes you feel truly alive and part of the world. The sheer exhilaration from nautical adventures is like nothing else. If you are interested in having your own nautical adventures then you need to get to know your boat parts.

First off a boat has its hull which is a network of frames to support the structure of your boat. Running through the center of the boat is the keel which serves as a sort of a backbone for any boat. If you look at a boat’s hull you can notice that it has various curvatures. These curvatures have specific functions. The bow of the boat gives it the lift to go with waves rather than cut through them. The curvature from stem to stern is known as the sheer, which dictates the boat’s displacement and buoyancy. Finally, the stern or rear of the boat dictates how the boat reacts to following the sea.

For the power plant, there are two types of motors, inboard and outboard. An outboard motor is a motor that drops directly into the water to deliver power and is steered by moving the engine. An inboard motor or stern drive is similar to a car engine in a way since it is inside the boat and delivers power through a drive train. Connected to the engine is the intake which feeds air for combustion and the marine exhaust.